Poetry Friday: The Night Before Fishing Season Opens

April 24th, 2009

The concept of time is crucial for understanding many texts and students often struggle with noticing the clues in a book that will help them make inferences about time. In Beyond Leveled Books: Supporting Early and Transitional Readers in Grades K-5, Franki Sibberson, Karen Szymusiak and Lisa Koch describe how they look for books and texts that are not only at the appropriate level for students, but also contain supports for understanding various concepts like flashbacks and the passing of time.

One of the poems Franki uses with transitional readers is “The Night Before Fishing Seaon Opens” by Donald Graves.

The Night Before Fishing Season Opens
Donald Graves

After supper, Dad helps
George and me check supplies:
creel, bait tin, worms, pole,
rubber boots, not used
since last summer.
I see orange-bellied trout
dancing on the brook bank.
8:00 P.M.
Lay out my clothes
and wait for dawn;
burrowed into my pillow
hoping for sleep;
beneath the waterfall,
a pool boils
with hungry trout.
9:00 P.M.
Flip my pillow
to the cool side.
Cast my line
under the bridge, feel
the rat-a-tat of trout bites,
a quick jerk to set the hook.
I play the brookie to shore,
catch the speckled flash
of color before I swing
him to the bank.
9:40 P.M.
I imagine Mother’s call
and smell the bacon;
bounce to the floor
and one by one I put on the clothes
from the neat pile
on the chair:
trousers, shirt, jacket.
I sit down, slip on my long socks;
reach for my boots.

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