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June 24th, 2009

In his new book, What Student Writing Teaches Us: Formative Assessment in the Writing Workshop, ┬áMark Overmeyer discusses how a writing prompt that might seem limiting actually helps students focus their writing. He talks about a second-grade classroom where students were excited to write about the following topic: “Your baby brother is inside the house and you are locked out and need to figure out a way to get back in.”

Your challenge is to write a quick piece in 500 words or less for that prompt. Mark will select the winner, who will receive a free, signed copy of What Student Writing Teaches Us. Submit your entries by July 15 to zmcmullin@stenhouse.com. The best entries will be posted on the Stenhouse blog and website.

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  • 1. Christie Brown  |  July 2nd, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    First I ran from window to window, “Where is he?” I wonder. “Good thing he is sleeping.” Then I sat down n the front porch too think. The mail box? The chimney? Break a window? A hidden key?

    No such luck, it will have to be a creative solution. What was inside the house? Who was inside the house? The dog! The lazy old dog. Nothing motivates Daisy but food.

    I knocked on the window and the lazy dog opened one eye and looked at me, not inspired, she sighed, shut her eyes and put her head back down on the floor. I knocked on the window again, Daisy did not even look up again.

    I needed to offer her something more interesting… the ice cream truck came down the street! I bought a cone for the lazy dog, knocked on the window, got Daisy’s attention this time and showed her the rapidly melting ice cream. She ran out through the dog door and jumped up licking my hand. Ah, the dog door.

    I gave her the cone and crawled through the dog door. It was a tight fit but turning a bit sideways, I made it into the house. And that clever dog, that lazy clever dog, was right behind me.
    We were in.

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