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October 8th, 2009

“Little in education has as much influence on students’ academic and personal success as the metaphors and analogies teachers use to make unfamiliar concepts clear.”–Rick Wormeli

All teachers cherish those aha! moments with students when they suddenly understand a difficult concept or problem, especially when it’s sparked by innovative instruction. Veteran educator Rick Wormeli recognizes the importance of metaphors and analogies in bringing about such mini-epiphanies, and in his new book, Metaphors & Analogies, he shows teachers at all levels how to purposefully use them to improve instruction across all content areas.

Rick deepens your knowledge of metaphorical thinking and how to weave it into everyday teaching. You’ll discover what makes a good metaphor, the importance of creating background knowledge, the power of metaphors in teaching English language learners, and how to develop and use visual metaphors. Rick also explores the pitfalls–when metaphors distort, obscure meaning, or mislead: “Asking students to consider and solve the limitations of metaphors is where real learning occurs.”

Metaphors & Analogies will change the way you design lessons and inspire you to dig deep for the right metaphors to convey ideas to all of the students in your classroom. You can now preview the entire text and pre-order online; print copies will start shipping from our warehouse at the end of this month.

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