Now Online: Beyond the Bubble, Grades 2-3

February 28th, 2011

Teachers can gain valuable insight into students’ mathematical thinking by asking just a few carefully chosen questions about their multiple-choice problems. In Beyond the Bubble, Grades 2-3 (and the forthcoming companion book for grades 4-5), Maryann Wickett and Eunice Hendrix-Martin explore students’ thinking through 30 sample problems that span five strands: number, measurement, algebra, geometry, and probability.

From actual conversations with hundreds of students about their answer choices, the authors found that both correct and incorrect responses often painted an inaccurate or incomplete picture of students’ understanding. But probing with a few additional questions enables teachers to get “beyond the bubble” and make more effective decisions about future instruction.

For each of the 30 sample multiple-choice problems, you’ll find:
• a brief overview of the problem’s objective;
• typical student strategies used to solve the problem;
• conversation starters;
• several actual student work samples;
• student-teacher conversations and teacher insights;
• suggestions for instructional strategies;
• reassessment questions.

Beyond the Bubble Grades 2-3 is available now, and you can preview sample sections from each of the five strands online.

The companion book for grades 4-5 will be available for preview online in early March and start shipping in early April.

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