Um, well, like how well do your students speak?

March 21st, 2011

There are scores of business books about speaking, making presentations, and other essential oral communication skills, but when it comes to teaching the art of speaking, resources for the general classroom teacher are lacking. That will soon change with the arrival of Well Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students.

Erik Palmer came to teaching after a career in the commodity brokerage business, where oral communication was a crucial part of the job. When he moved to the classroom, he incorporated speaking in all the subjects he taught because he saw the lasting impact it had on students as a real-world skill.

In Well Spoken Erik convincingly argues that developing effective speaking skills is worth more time than it usually receives in classrooms, and concisely sets out a framework for teaching speaking that can be used from elementary to high school.

You and your students will find practical strategies for crafting, delivering, and evaluating speeches, with applications beyond formal presentations—from interviews and discussions to debates and answering questions in class. Each chapter includes a list of ideas for discussion or practice and a concluding chapter provides 17 practical lessons that engage specific skills.

Well Spoken will inspire you to elevate speaking as a critical lifelong skill in your classroom, and give you the confidence and knowledge to do so. Preview the entire book now; the print version starts shipping in early April.

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