Behind the scenes with Debbie Diller

December 12th, 2011

Sage Carnahan’s first grade classroom at Askew Elementary in Houston, Texas, was abuzz with activity last week — and not just because of his lively students. Debbie Diller was shooting her new math work stations video, due out mid-2012. The kids were especially fascinated by all of the recording equipment, especially the huge boom mike and camera stands. On the last day of shooting, the students spent some time drawing what was going on in their classroom.

One of the students, first grader Lesly, seemed intrigued by the camera stand and spent quite some time taking in all of its details:

Here is the final result:

Another student was taken with the red and black striped sweater worn by James, the sound engineer:

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  • 1. Kelly Hestand  |  March 7th, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Is there a release date set for the Debbie Diller Math Stations DVD. The note said mid 2012 – just hoping for a more specific date!

  • 2. Vicki Pfeffer  |  September 11th, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Hi Debbie,

    If you have time, I need help. I am struggling with how to use the management chart. Currently, I have 22 first graders. My math stations, quite basic at this point, are numbered and set up (12 of them). I’m hoping to have 3-15 minute rotations. I’ve looked at the pictures in the book and the surrounding pages and it still doesn’t make sense to me how the chart works. Today, I assigned math partners. Each set of partners was to use two math stations and come to my table. Any suggestions you have would be helpful. Any pictures/images you could post would be helpful. It would help to have what a teacher planning chart for the three groups might look like. Whatever you think might help. I’m all alone in this venture.


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