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March 18th, 2013

Here are samples of what bloggers are saying online about some recent Stenhouse books:

Writing to Explore
David Somoza and Peter Lourie

Kevin Hodgson, a sixth grade teacher in Southampton, Massachusetts, has been rethinking the way he approaches research projects with his students since his state adopted the Common Core. “The new standards not only increase the expectations of research-based reading and writing across the content areas, they also expect these skills to be taught in younger grades and with increasingly more complexity as the students get older,” Kevin explains. And if the expression “research project” elicits groans from you and your students, Kevin thinks the adventure essay and the strategies in Writing to Explore might be the cure. Read the full review here.

Pyrotechnics on the Page
Ralph Fletcher

Keith Schoch at Teaching with Picture Books says “I can’t recommend this book too highly!” “A good deal of the text discusses sentence structure, which is key to complex and elaborated writing as defined by the Common Core standards,” Keith writes, adding that helping students become writers also makes them better readers. Read the full review on Keith’s blog.

Reading with Meaning, Second Edition
Debbie Miller

When Stenhouse author Patrick Allen is not busy working on his new DVD Fact Finders!, he is busy interviewing other Stenhouse authors on his blog. This time he talked to Debbie Miller, author of Reading with Meaning. Read this great interview where Debbie talks about her hopes for the second edition of her landmark book and about what brings her the biggest joy as a teacher. The full interview is on Patrick’s blog, All-en-A-Day’s Work.

Igniting a Passion for Reading
Steven Layne

Some Stenhouse books travel far and wide. Steve Layne’s book made it all the way to New Zealand, where a reviewer on the Create Readers Blog by the National Library of New Zealand called it “the ‘go to’ book for teachers and librarians who are looking for well tested strategies to develop students as lifetime readers. The full review is here.

Write Like This and Academic Conversations
Kelly Gallagher and Jeff Zwiers

Ken over at RAMS English took a little bit of Kelly Gallagher, mixed it with a little bit of Jeff Zwiers and came up with his own point/counterpoint activity that takes “a fun persuasive unit activity from Kelly Gallagher’s Write Like This and combines it with the core speaking skills from Jeff Zwiers’ Academic Conversations.” Sound like something you would like to try? Check out the results here.

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