The best of 2013

December 23rd, 2013

This last full week of the year seems to be a good time to look back at 2013. We hope you were able to catch up with our blog frequently during the year, but in case you missed something, here is a quick roundup of some of our most popular posts. What was your favorite Stenhouse blog post this year?

Increasing engagement: A school revamps its reading program
We’d like to think that it happens we just don’t hear about it — a Stenhouse blog post planting a seed in a teacher or principal’s head. Matt Renwick is an elementary principal in Wisconsin and he shared with us how he re-thought his school’s reading intervention program after reading a blog post by Peter Johnston. Matt will be back in a few months to share the results of the new program.

Baking and the zone of proximal development
In her latest contribution to the Stenhouse Blog, frequent contributor and editor Maureen Barbieri wonders “how much modeling is too much” in life, in baking, and in teaching.

Three signs of a good math classroom
You want to hear good mathematical vocabulary that’s modeled by the teacher but that’s also expected of and modeled by the students.

Digital Learning Day 2013: A toolbox for teachers
A collection of free video tutorials and chapters to add to your digital toolbox.

Happy World Read Aloud Day!
Lynne Dorfman, Rose Cappelli, and Steve Layne share poems.

Blog tour for Assessment in Perspective
“This is a book that speaks to teachers today. It reminds us to keep our eye on the reader but it does not discount the tremendous stress and mandates we are all dealing with when it comes to assessment.” (Review from A Year of Reading)

Profiles in Effective PD Initiatives
Bailey’s Elementary School
Mamaroneck, NY

Stenhouse Summer Blogstitute 2013
Our third annual summer blogstitute was again packed with must-have content from our go-to experts.

Stenhouse celebrates 20 years

Blog tour for Celebrating Writers






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