Daily 5 blog tour wrap-up

May 9th, 2014

Thanks to all of you who participated in this week’s Daily 5 blog tour! We hope that you were able to get a better idea about the second edition of this landmark book and share your excitement with your fellow teachers.

Here are some of the highlights from the tour:

Ruminate and Invigorate with Laura
“Even if you aren’t currently using the Daily Five in your classroom, so many of the strategies can be applied! Joan and Gail pride themselves on keeping up with current brain research, best practices, and connecting with both students and teachers. They’ve built the Daily Five on the foundation of a workshop structure and continue to improve upon it as their learning grows.”

Read Laura’s Q&A with The Sisters

Enjoy and Embrace Learning with Mandy
“You know you’ve read a good book when it sticks with you for a few days and you find yourself thinking about it while doing dishes and the house is all a buzz. The girls are coming and going, asking questions, telling me information and I keep thinking about CHOICE in the Daily 5. My mind kept wandering and thinking about choice because I have always had my literacy block as a reading workshop. I love the hum of the classroom when everyone is reading at the same time. It is Read to Self but everyone is doing it at the same time. As I washed the dishes I wondered, why am I doing it this way? It’s the one component I haven’t been able to try differently even after reading The Daily Five at the beginning of each year. Sometimes our roots hold us firmly in place. However, I’m rethinking this now and will continue to explore my thinking for next year.”

Read Mandy’s initial thoughts and then her Q&A with The Sisters

Reading by Example with Matt
“When we give students time to practice the skills we have explicitly taught them, it is only then that we allow them to become readers and writers. Teachers need to stop apologizing for taking a step back and allowing our kids to walk on their own path toward proficiency. Guiding students to become independent, lifelong learners should be the ultimate goal in any classroom. The Daily 5 framework gives structure and purpose when striving for this laudable goal.”

Read Matt’s post on how principals can support effective literacy instruction

Read, Write, Reflect with Katherine
“Just recently I read the new edition. I had assumed that just a few tweaks would have been made, but there was so much more. I read, folding down pages as I went, highlighting passages, and emailing colleagues my thoughts. Since finishing I have recommended it to many teachers, and shared my copy with friends in my building.”

Katherine is an upper-elementary teacher. Read her take on the book.

Winners of the free signed copy of The Daily 5, Second Edition, will be announced soon!

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  • 1. Michelle Nero  |  May 9th, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    As I previously mentioned, I was hesitant in reading the second edition, but all of your bloggers on the tour have convinced me otherwise! I agree with so much of the 2 sisters thinking and I am excited to read about the updates and changes in alignment with current brain research and meeting the needs of our most struggling readers. It’s added to my to-be read list and look forward to a great summer read!

  • 2. Matt Renwick  |  May 10th, 2014 at 8:23 am

    I enjoyed being a part of the blog tour. Writing this post was a very reflective process for me. Why do we use structures such as the Daily 5 in classrooms? Are our efforts helping kids to become both proficient readers and lifelong learners? Reading the accompanying posts, along with the Two Sisters’ work, has been an affirming process.

  • 3. Amy Romanowski  |  June 18th, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Love what I’m seeing.

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