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March 23rd, 2015

making-number-talks-matterCathy and Ruth have developed incredible knowledge of the best ways to teach Number Talks with students of all grade levels. That knowledge is packed into this highly readable book.
—Jo Boaler, from the Foreword to Making Number Talks Matter

Believing that mathematics is mostly about using procedures correctly, many students have learned to focus on getting the right answer, whether or not the process makes sense to them. As a result, they disengage and lose confidence in their reasoning.

In Making Number Talks Matter, veteran math educators Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker show you how to help students take back the authority of their own reasoning through this 15‑minute daily routine. With skillful facilitation, your students will reason mentally with numbers, develop a strong sense of the meaning of quantities and operations, and gain proficiency with mathematical practices.

Teachers who are new to Number Talks will find a solid introduction, guiding principles, and tips on how to set up the routine. And teachers of all experience levels will learn new ways to extend and enhance their practice, with multiple strategies for each of the arithmetic operations; sample problems; examples of discussions and how to record student thinking; and ideas for increasingly challenging problems—including fractions, decimals, and integers.

As your students come to know that they have mathematical ideas worth listening to, as they learn to defend their ways of knowing with sound mathematical arguments, and as they learn the value of listening to one another and building on the ideas of their peers, their view of mathematics will be transformed.

Preview the full text of Making Number Talks Matter online!

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