Why do you write?

Such a simple question, with so many possible answers! Thursday, October 20, is the third annual National Day on Writing and the Stenhouse Blog will join the celebration by asking you to answer the question: Why do you write?

Here is what some of our authors said:

” Writing allows me to build a whole city and all its inhabitants — not out of mortar and metal, skin and blood — but of words.” (Ralph Fletcher)

“Writing is waiting for a place to happen. As writing teachers, we just need to create the space.” (Jeff Anderson)

“I write so that I can teach children that their ideas matter and their words have power.” (Ann Marie Corgill)

Leave your response in the comments section between now and Thursday and you could be one of 20 winners to receive this fabulous poster with more inspiring quotes on writing:

24 comments October 17th, 2011

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