School Play: A memorable staff development event

What can teachers and schools do to draw out the talents and character of all kinds of students? What does it really mean to educate the “whole child”?

School Play is a thought-provoking and inspiring documentary film about the lasting impact of knowing and nurturing students, both at school and at home. Follow five fifth-graders from auditions to opening night of their school production of The Wizard of Oz. Along the way you’ll hear from teachers, parents, and the principal as they engage with kids, set high expectations, and give them the chance to succeed.

This professional development package includes a 44-page guide with options for both full- and half-day workshops, role-specific prompts for action-oriented follow-up, discussion questions, and handouts. The workshops are keyed to four segments from the film.

One of the biggest challenges for those who plan professional development is to design experiences that are engaging and relevant to all K-12 educators. School Play touches everyone. It’s available now, and you can preview sample clips online.

Listen to an interview with literacy specialist Jen Allen, just recorded this week, on how her district is using School Play to kick off the new year with the entire staff:

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