Live Twitter chat with Terry Thompson

In case you missed our live Twitter chat with Terry Thompson, author of the new book The Construction Zone, here is your chance to catch up. The chat was hosted by Franki Sibberson and covered everything you need to know about scaffolding. Preview some of the Tweets below, or you can read the full chat on Storify.


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Live Twitter chat with the authors of Power Up!

Join us on Monday, August 31, starting at 9 p.m. EST for a live Twitter chat with Diana Neebe and Jen Roberts, authors of the recent book Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning. Diana and Jen will be online to answer your questions about using technology in the classroom, including time management, assessment, and lots of useful tips for all of your technology concerns! Come and join us and share your ideas!

After the chat we will raffle off 3 copies of the book. Follow #PowerUpEd to join the conversation!

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What we talked about with Kelly Gallagher

We covered a lot of ground during our hour-long chat with Kelly Gallagher. We talked about his new book, In the Best Interest of Students, as well as the effects of the Common Core State Standards on the teaching of reading and writing. Here are a few memorable Tweets from the chat, as well as the fuller archived version.

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LIVE Twitter chat with Kelly Gallagher

kellygallagherWe are getting our hashtags ready for our live chat with Kelly Gallagher this Wednesday, April 8, at 7 p.m. EST. Kelly’s most recent book is In the Best Interest of Students: Staying True to What Works in the ELA Classroom. In his new book, Kelly notes that there are real strengths in the Common Core standards, and there are significant weaknesses as well. He takes the long view, reminding us that standards come and go but what remains constant is the need to stay true to what we know works in the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

You can preview the first chapter of his book online now and you can use code TWEET to receive 20% off and free shipping!

During the chat, we’ll try to cover as much as we can leave some time for your questions. Here is what we are planning on asking Kelly:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about why you wrote this book and what your hopes are for the book.
  2. What benefits do you see in the current standards?​ And what are some of the weaknesses?
  3. What are some of the problems with the way close reading is taught?
  4. Why is recreational reading important?
  5. How can teachers deal with administrators who are not acting in the best interest of students?
  6. What future do you see for CCSS and what do you think is next?

What questions do you have for Kelly? Whittle it down to 140 characters and come join us Wednesday night! Follow #bestinterest during the chat and make sure to follow @stenhousepub as well for this chat and for other exciting events and news.

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Memories of Read-Aloud

We had an amazing time with all of you Wednesday night, chatting on Twitter with Steven Layne about read-aloud. It was clear that there was so much passion and appreciation for the art of read-aloud and for preserving this practice in all classrooms and in all grades. Here are some Tweet highlights, and you can see the — almost — full chat on Storify. It’s definitely worth a browse for all of the great book recommendations and for the warm memories everyone shared about what read-aloud meant for them.

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