Catch up on our chat with Jake Wizner

Thanks to MiddleWeb, we had the opportunity to chat with Jake Wizner, author of Worth Writing About, about writing memoir with middle-grade students. He shared some great ideas and strategies, as well as his favorite mentor texts. You can preview Jake’s book online now in its entirety!

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Now Online: Worth Writing About

worth-writing-aboutI tell them that at the end of the unit most of them will have produced the best piece of writing they have ever produced, and many of them will have come to see themselves and their lives in new ways. They look at me skeptically. How do I know this will happen? I know it, I say, because it happens every year.

Eighth grade teacher and YA novelist Jake Wizner inspires you to teach memoir writing and guides you through the process in his new book, Worth Writing About.

Jake helps you navigate issues that are unique to adolescent memoir writing—such as balancing significant experiences with what’s too personal, and separating fact from truth—and provides useful prompts for students who may think that their lives aren’t interesting enough to write about. Using many examples of student writing, he shows how to teach understory, perspective, beginnings, endings, and titles.

A final chapter includes tips on how and when to assess students, giving feedback, revision, and grading. The appendix includes advice on modifying instruction for students with IEPs and over a dozen memoir excerpts to use as models.

Preview Worth Writing About in its entirety now!

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