Poetry Friday: Strive for Knowledge and Subject to Flooding

August 28th, 2009

This week’s poems about the lives of teachers come from Gayle Hobbs, who is an English teacher in California.

Strive For Knowledge
A Sonnet by Gayle K. Hobbs

To watch the students strive within their minds
And see them fill their brains with wisdom fair,
Will prove to us that this true lesson binds
The teacher to his charge with loving care.
The learning curve is greatly charged each day
By eager thoughts and enigmatic thrills,
Which, if delayed, requires an other way
Replete with strong, hard lessons full of drills.
So listen to your teachers and fair wisdom,
Who daily share their thoughts and hearts with you,
And grasp the cup of life’s education
To truly survive, and gain the treasures due.
A life lived filled beyond innate abilities
Is what we see when knowledge melds our dreams.


Subject to Flooding
by Gayle K. Hobbs

Flooded roads line through the open fields.
The rain pelts my closed windows.
Wet, foggy days full of winter’s shields
That protects my thoughts from blows.

Enchanted drops full of thoughts
Nourish the students’ abilities
And opens possible faults
Where ideas happily float free.

Many dry minds will sit today
Not a care towards their own future.
The nurturing rain needs to stay
And show those minds the simple cure.

Among these dry skeletal minds
Sit a few students who begin brooding.
These are the ones that snap the binds
And become subject to flooding.

Yet, when I arrive at work, I find
The sun has begun to peak within.
My students wither, and treacherously the grind
Is far from my fancy, and I start to… grin.

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