Poetry Friday: Trevor, age 12

March 12th, 2010

Writer/teacher Randi Allison shares another student poem this week. This one, by Trevor, is inspired by the read aloud All the Places to Love, by Patricia Maclachlan

On the day I was born
the rain fell outside the 
window, the thunder boomed
like God’s clap, a rainbow 
bowed across the sky.  The 
rain stopped, a bird chirped
and my father picked me up.

I lived in a small house.  I
caught bugs and let them go.
I saw cottonwoods bloom and tried 
to catch the white fluff as they
floated by and brushed my face.
I drew small pictures and wrote
crooked words.

I went to school.
I explored and I made friends.
I walked places, did things
and noticed.  I sketched and became
part of all my places to love.

Today I drew a picture of the
places I love and I remember all of
the times before and my brother 
watches me and does his job of bothering
me.  I rode my bike tons of places,
to school and everywhere, but then I went
somewhere I shouldn’t go and my
mom took my front wheel 
off my bike and hung it up
high and I would stand in the garage
staring up at it in the rafters longing and soon
it would be back on my bike 
and I would be free to fly
again.  And I found that I could 
say stuff with my painting that there
were no words for, and the colors could flow
how I want them to.  Control 
is a virtue in life and sometimes 
I can’t control, but the pain I can.

age 12

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  • 1. Laura Evans  |  March 13th, 2010 at 1:24 am


    You have written a wonderful poem. Maybe you will grow up and become a poet or a writer.

    I hope you get your bicycle wheel on soon. Or maybe it is back on already.


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