Poetry Friday: So Worn, So Soft

March 26th, 2010

Randi Allison brings it again!  This week’s poem is courtesy of Leah, age 11.   Leah’s poem So Worn, So Soft was inspired by Happy Blanket by Tony Ross.   Randi provides some background information:

“We have been practicing memory writes for the last couple of weeks.   During a read aloud students are invited to jot down what they are thinking about.  During the read aloud of Happy Blanket.

Leah jotted down:

*grandma and grandpa
*hide it

After the read aloud students are asked to write continuously for ten minutes. “

So Worn, So Soft

Have you ever had a
toy truck or doll you could
never let go of?  Or was
it your blanket?  I’ll tell
you a secret if you
promise not to tell.  I
still have my blanket.
Even though it’s worn
out, I still love to
lay on it over my pillow
at night and go to sleep.
Even though it’s 11 years
old, I still love to
bring it downstairs
with me on days when
it’s cold and on days
when I’m sick and
can’t go to school.
Even though it’s starting
to rip and the fluff
is coming out, I look
at it through different
eyes and dream of when
it was new.  Someday
I know I’ll have to
let go, but not today.
Maybe tomorrow, maybe
even never.


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