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September 15th, 2010

My students found the emphasis on literary criticism generally fresh, intellectually engaging, and useful. Many of them said they appreciated having a vocabulary of criticism and multiple ways of approaching a text.

Doing Literary CriticismLiterary criticism has great potential for expanding students’ repertoire of reading strategies and cultivating their independence as critical thinkers. Award-winning high school teacher Tim Gillespie distills many years of continuously refined practices in his new book, Doing Literary Criticism.

Tim sets out three principles: students should be doing (and not just reading) literary criticism; they should be exposed to a variety of critical perspectives; and nothing should be done to smother the pleasure of reading. He then presents a rigorous curriculum featuring eleven critical approaches, each with an overview of benefits and limitations, teaching suggestions, and practical activities. An extensive CD included with the book provides reproducible overviews for students, essay exam questions, a bonus chapter on postmodern criticism, and more.

As policy leaders and standards increasingly call for more critical thinking and challenging texts, literary criticism is poised to fill the role. Doing Literary Criticism will help English teachers make the most of this rewarding subject. Print copies of Doing Literary Criticism are due in mid-October, but you can preview the entire book and pre-order online now!

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