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April 7th, 2011

I love this book. It belongs on the shelf of every elementary classroom teacher, beginning or experienced, who is willing to think deeply about how to develop his or her students’ number sense.
—Lucy West, from the foreword to the new book Number Sense Routines

Why do some students struggle with developing their number sense? How much time do we give students to develop particular strategies and understandings? When do we intervene? In Number Sense Routines, Jessica Shumway shows you how to tap into every child’s innate sense of number through daily experiences in a variety of contexts.

14 practical routines serve as “warm-ups”—quick 5- to 15-minute experiences at the beginning of your math class. The everyday interactions with quantities, place value, patterns, and relationships will build number sense in all of your students.

For each routine, Jessica provides background on the math concepts involved, step-by-step instructions for implementation, suggestions for differentiating instruction, and solutions to common problems that arise. You’ll find many classroom examples, including student-teacher interactions that illustrate how to bring out student thinking, assess skills, and tailor instruction accordingly.

Number Sense Routines is available now, and you can preview the entire book online!

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