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January 18th, 2012

A child asks a question. Do we answer it? If so, how? How long do we wait before we answer it? If not, what do we say? A child successfully accomplishes something—or fails to. We have another opportunity to say something, but what? My intention with this book is to offer a basis for choosing more productive talk—how to make the most of those opportunities children offer us.

Expanding on the ideas in his groundbreaking book Choice Words, Peter Johnston explores the lasting impact that subtle differences in teacher language can have on children and their view of the world in his new book, Opening Minds. You’ll discover how your words can:

  • encourage students to view their abilities and traits as dynamic and malleable rather than hopelessly fixed;
  • portray change, mistakes, uncertainty, and disagreement as a normal part of learning and accomplishment;
  • invite conversations that are focused on problem-solving and learning processes;
  • create a classroom culture of feedback that avoids the pitfalls of personal praise and judgment;
  • encourage classroom dialogue and collaborative inquiry through engaging questions;
  • enhance social imagination and moral development.

Filled with concrete examples, Opening Minds will change the way you think about talk in your classroom and guide you toward more effective interactions with students. It’s available now, and you can preview the entire book online.

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