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Stenhouse celebrates 20 years

Stenhouse celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and to share our festive mood, we are offering 20% off any order through the end of October. Just use code 20YEARS on the Stenhouse website or when you call/fax/e-mail your order.

Our editorial director Philippa Stratton looks back on the past 20 years in this letter:

Stenhouse turns twenty this year! Tom Seavey and I started the company just as our daughter was entering middle school. This January, Eliza had her first child, and Stenhouse is no longer a teenager.

Our first list contained six titles: two British imports and four homegrown books, all four of which are still available in print and/or electronic form.

One title, Harvey Daniels’s Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups has had an extended life in a second edition. That first catalog was so skinny we padded it by giving every title a double spread and including a full-page extract from each book. Now we mail around two million catalogs a year.

Though they represent only one element of our marketing, catalogs remain the starting point from which many of you will find your way to our website, where you can browse the entire contents of a new book in its first season. Our publishing has expanded beyond literacy into the fields of social studies, math, and science and nature, in formats that include video, e-books, and online books. And the original twosome has become a seventeensome, supplemented by our Columbus-based warehouse and our supportive parent company, Highlights for Children.

Yet some things haven’t changed during the course of the last twenty years. Established midway between Becoming a Nation of Readers and No Child Left Behind, and now with the Common Core State Standards in the offing, we stand behind the statement we made in our first flyer: “A publisher should have a point of view that is clearly represented in its books.” We have consistently found that point of view in the wise and humane practice of our teacher-authors.

“Read. Reflect. Think about what you already know about good teaching and how it fits with new learning. Read some more. Think about the implications for your classroom. Collaborate with colleagues. Try new things and spend time defining your beliefs and aligning your practices. Once you’ve found what’s true for you, stand up for what you know is right. Live it every day, and be confident and clear about why you believe as you do. People will listen!”

– Debbie Miller, Reading with Meaning, Second Edition

Philippa Stratton
Editorial Director

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Reviewing Word Nerds, Beyond the Bubble, Number Sense Routines, and Math Sense

Rose Cappelli, coauthor with Lynne Dorfman of Mentor Texts, Nonfiction Mentor Texts, and Poetry Mentor Texts, recently had some time to catch up on her professional reading and posted reviews on her blog for Word Nerds by Brenda Overturf, Leslie Montgomery, and Margot Holmes Smith.

“In Word Nerds, the authors skillfully show teachers how they can not only use direct vocabulary instruction, but also embed the teaching of vocabulary across the day so that students truly own the words,” writes Rose. You can read her full review and browse her blog here.

The September issue of Teaching Children Mathematics, published by NCTM, included two reviews of Stenhouse math books. “By offering suggestions for differentiation and grouping students according to levels of understanding, this well-organized book encourages a powerful approach to mathematics instructions,” writes reviewer Carrie S. Cutler of Beyond the Bubble: How to Use Multiple-Choice Tests to Improve Math Instruction, Grades 4-5 by Maryann Wickett and Eunice Hendrix-Martin. You can read the full review here.

Jessica Shumway’s recent book Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K-3 also received a nice nod from NCTM reviewer Patricia Hunsader, who points out that the book can not only help teachers, but also can be useful for parents in integrating the development of numerical literacy into daily family routines. She says that in her book Jessica “illustrates just how crucial number sense is to the development of children’s mathematical power, and how the thinking that students employ during their daily warm-up routines naturally spills over into the body of the math lesson, regardless of content.” Read the full review here.

“This book is a great resource for beginning and experienced teachers as they transition to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. It is an easy and clear read. After a teacher has read it once, it will be a resource for his or her library that can serve for years to come,” writes reviewer Tamara Wilson in the November issue of Mathematics Teaching in Middle School about Christine Moynihan’s recent book Math Sense: The Look, Sound, and Feel of Effective Instruction. Read the full review here.

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Join the discussion on the Socratic Circles Facebook page

Matt Copeland, author of Socratic Circles, has seen a renewed interest in this teaching technique that empowers students and builds critical thinking, creativity, reading, speaking, and team-building skills. So he recently launched a Facebook Community for teachers to share ideas, ask questions, and get help in implementing Socratic circles across grade levels and content areas.

Check it out and join the discussion!

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