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Now Online: To Look Closely

0992In her new book, To Look Closely: Science and Literacy in the Natural World, veteran elementary teacher Laurie Rubin illustrates how nature study integrates critical thinking skills in science, language arts, and math while engaging kids with unforgettable learning experiences.

Teachers will find everything they need to get started and sustain units of study that invite inquiry-based scientific thinking. Immerse yourself with Laurie and her students and experience the rich sights and sounds of their outdoor experiences, journals, and classroom discussions. You’ll discover how the natural world can be a springboard to reading comprehension strategies as well as writing in a variety of genres.

To Look Closely gives you the perfect child-centered program for integrated learning that also cultivates students as future stewards of the natural world. You can now browse the entire book online now!

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Coming soon: Blog tour for Celebrating Writers

0950Pre-order your copy of Ruth Ayres’ new book Celebrating Writers and join us on a blog tour starting November 11. Ruth will be answering questions about how to nurture writers, celebrate each step of the writing process, and she will share ideas on how to help student persevere through the development of a written piece.

The blog tour will make five stops:

Nov. 11: A Year of Reading

Nov. 12: Kate Messner’s blog

Nov. 13: Reflect and Refine

Nov. 14: Read, Write, Reflect

Nov. 15: Nerdy Book Club

Be sure to stop by each blog and leave a comment or ask a question for a chance to win a free book. Celebrating Writers is available for preview on the Stenhouse website.

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A conversation with Steven Wolk

Steven Wolk, author of Caring Hearts & Critical Minds recently sat down to talk about his book on The Professors, a program on Chicago’s PBS station WYCC. The interview covers a wide range of topics, from reaching reluctant readers to school reform and parent involvement. You can watch the full interview on the WYCC website. Make sure to also check out a second clip with Steve where he gives book recommendations for young readers.


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Tips for improving executive function skills in adolescents

In the August issue of AMLE Magazine, Rick Wormeli (Metaphors & Analogies, Differentiation), explains executive function (EF)—mental processes that help us plan, organize, control emotions, and manage time. “EF in the pre-frontal cortex of the adolescent brain is intermittent at best,” he writes. He also gives 16 practical strategies for helping teens improve their EF.

Don’t miss Rick’s popular series of free videos on fairness in grading, assessment, homework, do-overs, and more, on the Stenhouse website.

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Stenhouse authors near you

Join leading Stenhouse authors and collaborate with colleagues at one of these exciting events across the country and online.

Keystone State Reading Association Annual Conference
October 18-20 • State College, Pennsylvania
Features Janet Allen (Tools for Teaching Content Literacy), Stacey Shubitz & Ruth Ayres (Day by Day), Rose Cappelli & Lynne Dorfman (Poetry Mentor Texts), and Sara Kajder (Bringing the Outside In).

The 2 Sisters Daily 5 and CAFE Workshops
Gail Boushey and Joan Moser
October 19 (Daily 5) & October 20 (CAFE) • Los Angeles
November 11 (Daily 5) & November 12 (CAFE) • Las Vegas

Literacy Coach Jumpstart (Online) by Choice Literacy
Jennifer Allen (Becoming a Literacy Leader)
October 21-28

Literacy for All Conference
November 3-5 • Providence, Rhode Island
Presenters include Peter Johnston (Opening Minds), Clare Landrigan & Tammy Mulligan (Assessment in Perspective), Rose Cappelli & Lynne Dorfman (Poetry Mentor Texts), Terry Thompson (Adventures in Graphica), and Kathy Ganske (Supporting Struggling Readers and Writers).

Billie J. Askew Reading Recovery & K-6 Literacy Institute
November 4-5 • Dallas, Texas
Features Ralph Fletcher (Pyrotechnics on the Page) and Georgia Heard (A Place for Wonder).

Missouri Early Learning Conference
November 14-15 • Osage Beach, Missouri
Speakers include Kathy Collins (Growing Readers), Georgia Heard (A Place for Wonder), and Kassia Omohundro Wedekind (Math Exchanges).

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Now Online: Celebrating Writers

Sometimes teachers use the terms publication and celebration interchangeably. (I know I did!) They are different. Publication is part of the writing process. Celebration is part of the life of a writer. Publication is centered on putting writing into the world. In its most pure form, publishing means “to go public.”  It is is definitely something to celebrate! Yet, it is not the only thing to celebrate. Celebration is so much more. Celebration ought to wrap around many moments in writing workshop—not just the final product. Celebration is essential to the livelihood of young writers.

0950— From Celebrating Writers

In their innovative new book, Celebrating Writers, Ruth Ayres and Christi Overman discuss dozens of ways to respond, reflect, and rejoice along the journey to a finished project. This type of celebration nurtures students, makes them better writers, and helps them recognize that writing is a process filled with notable moments, not simply a result where publication is the only marker of success.
From traveling notebooks to lunch-table writing, from author interviews with a writing partner to silent reflection, from swapping stories around a “campfire” to tweeting favorite lines, Ruth and Christi share dozens of fun and effective ways for you and your students to commemorate their progress as writers. As the authors write, “It’s time to expand the idea of celebration to include the process of writers and the products they create. Let’s build an approach that weaves celebration into the heart of all writers. Be ready to learn to refuel the writers in your classroom, even on the tough days.”
Preview the entire book online now!

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