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Newslinks: Spirited Classrooms

Posted by admin on Sep 27, 2018 5:04:10 PM

“Can we make sure kids are comfortable with making mistakes first and then fixing them second?”
–Brett Eberly, Teachers’ Corner Podcast


New! Teachers’ Corner Podcast
Our first Teachers’ Corner podcast—best practices for teachers by teachers—is now posted! Hear from authors Paula Bourque, Brett Eberly, and Matthew R. Kay as they talk about how teachers can prepare themselves and their classrooms for success. Tune in now.


Teaching Math

Ways to Revel—Not Struggle—in Math
Math author and coach Tracy Zager, author of Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had, shares her vision of math class moving from “confusing and compliant” to “creative and spirited” during “Class in Session.” Listen on Cincinnati radio. (Program starts at 2:04.)

How to Facilitate Rather than Deliver
Mike Flynn, author of Beyond Answers, knows that a lot of students are hesitant when it comes to talking about math. In this two-minute video, he explains how to flip the “I do, you do, we do” approach.

Literacy and More

Three Tips for Classroom Libraries
A robust classroom library is a key way to build students’ lifelong love of learning. As the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) notes, “research demonstrates that equitable access to books promotes reading achievement and motivation.” Read the Council’s tips on how to build your own.

Adding Diverse Texts to Your Library for Reading AND Writing
Ruth Culham, author of Teach Writing Well, has some tips about how to be “really, really smart” about book choice. “When you intentionally include books with diversity in mind, you step it upbig time,” she writes.

The Case for Redos and Retakes
One of the most controversial issues in grading today: redos and retakes. Watch an interview with Rick Wormeli, author of Fair Isn’t Always Equal, where he posits that “schools are not set up for teaching,” before he takes on some challenging questions.

Review: Literacy Essentials
Read this educator’s take on Regie Routman’s “timely, robust, and relevant” Literacy Essentials. The book “is an excellent reminder that every teacher is a literacy teacher,” the review notes, adding that the “bulleted, succinct, common-sense lists [are] perfect to use as a resource.”

Creative Calendars for Kindergartners
A conversation between two Stenhouse authors, Katie Keier, co-author of Catching Readers Before They Fall, and Kassia Omohundro Wedekind, author of Math Exchanges, produced some fun ideas for working with kindergartners on the passage of time.

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