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NCTE Learning Opportunities from Stenhouse Authors

Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2018 1:36:17 PM

National conferences provide teachers with a wonderful opportunity to meet and collaborate with new colleagues, authors, and experts; broaden professional learning; learn about cutting-edge new ideas in teaching; and, not to mention, get out of town for a while!

This year’s National Council of Teacher’s of English (NCTE) annual conference in Houston, TX is focusing on student voices and the impact they make in the world. Our Stenhouse authors are coming with fresh ideas and passion for teaching in many areas. Take a look at what they have to offer this year, and don’t miss out on these learning opportunities!

In-Booth Mini-Sessions, Stenhouse Booth #329

Learn from the experts in these 15-minute complimentary mini-sessions – no reservation required.

Author Signings, Stenhouse Booth #329

Chat with some of your favorite Stenhouse authors and get your book signed. Take this opportunity to pick their brains about strategies and ideas!


11:00 am:  Shawna Coppola, author of Renew!

11:30 am: Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg, author of The Author’s Apprentice

1:00 pm: Melissa Stewart, author of Perfect Pairs

2:00 pm: Matthew R. Kay, author of Not Light, But Fire

2:45 pm: Lynne Dorfman & Rose Cappelli, authors of Mentor Texts, Second Edition

3:30 pm: Ruth Ayres, author of Enticing Hard-to-Reach Writers

4:00 pm: Jennifer Fletcher, author of Teaching Literature Rhetorically

4:30 pm: Erik Palmer, author of Good Thinking

5:00 pm: Stacey Shubitz, author of Craft Moves


11:00 am: Jeff Anderson & Brian Kissel

3:30 pm: Stephanie Harvey & Anne Goudvis, authors of Strategies That Work, Third Edition

4:30 pm: Jan Burkins & Kim Yaris, authors of Who’s Doing the Work?

5:00 pm: Paula Bourque, author of Close Writing


8:30 am: Kari Yates & Christina Nosek, authors of To Know and Nurture a Reader

Don’t forget to sign up for their regular sessions as well! Here’s a full schedule, which we are also available at the Stenhouse Booth for your convenience. Happy NCTE, y’all!

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