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NEW Titles Coming in January!

Posted by admin on Dec 21, 2018 12:29:50 PM

Start your new year off with some high-quality professional learning. Keep an eye out for these wonderful new titles coming in January!

Harness Curiosity with Close Reading

With Amy Stewart’s, Little Readers, Big Thinkers: Teaching Close Reading in the Primary Grades, teachers can learn how use close reading to teach even the youngest children new ways to enjoy texts, think about them critically, and share that thinking with peers and adults. Learn:

  • What close reading is (and is not)
  • How to encourage students to “read like detectives”
  • Ways to weave close reading practices into your lessons
  • How to cultivate real reading, organic thinking, and deep conversation
  • Which books invite amazing learning and thinking experiences

With Stewart as your guide, close reading will become your students’ stepping stone to a lifelong love of reading.

Foster Deeper Comprehension with Visual Texts

In The Art of Comprehension: Exploring Visual Texts to Foster Comprehension, Conversation, and Confidence by Trevor A. Bryan teachers will learn how engage students meaningfully with texts and join the classroom conversation. By using Bryan’s signature method, “Access Lenses,” you can prompt your students to become active explorers and meaning-makers through:

  • Discovering inventive ways to prompt students to notice, think about, and synthesize visuals—using the same observation and comprehension skills they can bring to reading and writing.
  • Learning about ways to unravel layers of meaning in picture books, chapter books, artwork, poetry, and informational text.
  • Exploring the book’s eclectic collection of art and illustration, by acclaimed illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, 19th century masters, and more.

Organically and spontaneously, your classroom will become more student-centered. With this comes the greatest reward of all: confidence and independence for all kinds of learners.

Nurture Students’ Writing Skills with Quick Writes!

The act of writing doesn’t just convey our thinking; it shapes our thinking. With the newest title from Paula Bourque, Spark! Quick Writes to Kindle Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms, teachers can show students how to “explore in paper” using Quick Writes—short, frequent bursts of low-stakes writing. Spark! offers purposeful, practical, and enjoyable approaches that meet your students where they are in their writing development. Using the tools in Spark!, you will see tangible results in your classroom, such as:

  • Increased volume and stamina of your writers
  • Deeper thinking and discovery of their voices as writers
  • More effective and confident communication
  • Engagement with visual, auditory, and verbal art that stimulates thinking
  • Exploration and appreciation of the diverse thinking of others.

Even in a tight schedule, Bourque’s tools of “thinking and inking” can enliven your students’ writing experiences.

The Difference Between Teaching Spelling and Assigning It

Because spelling is for reading, it is important to teach spelling, not merely assign it. Super Spellers Starter Sets is a teacher resource based on the professional book, Super Spellers: Seven Steps to Transforming Your Spelling Instruction by Mark Weakland. Building on his research-based approach, Weakland provides practical, hands-on tools to create spelling centers; teach spelling strategies that help children solve spelling challenges; and introduce everything from short vowel patterns to multi-syllable Greek- and Latin-based words. This teacher resource provides a wealth of material, all adaptable to match the needs of your students, such as:

  • Seven spelling strategy lessons every student needs to know
  • More than 20 lessons for different grade levels
  • Pointers, differentiated word lists, sorting masters and correlating word ladders
  • Six must-have spelling centers for nurturing independent practice
  • A resource-rich appendix

With these resources, your students will notice and remember spelling patterns and words, and—most importantly—make connections between spelling and their reading and writing lives.

Visit to see even more titles that will “up” your teaching game next year!

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