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A New Year for Professional Development

Posted by admin on Jan 3, 2019 10:54:51 AM

The book and the lesson sets have really rocked my teaching world. I’ve never been happier teaching in my 24 years, and I know this is a huge part of it.” 

–Patti Austin, second grade teacher, Islip, N.Y.

Literacy and Classroom Practice

Who’s Doing the Work?

Find out more here about how Patti Austin’s world has been transformed by using Who’s Doing the Work? Lesson Sets in her classroom. These carefully crafted resources by Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris will help you turn reluctant readers into independent readers.

What is Most Important? Equity

Drawing on the equity section of her recent Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence, and Equity for All Learners, Regie Routman identifies “9 Key Actions We Can and Must Take to Ensure Equity for All.”



Models of Good Writing

What better way to teach students the power of writing than by using models of good writing? Jeff Anderson and Whitney La Rocca, authors of Patterns of Power, have chosen the top 10 mentor texts for grades 1-5 and compiled them into a convenient collection for grammar instruction.

Making Revision Work

“Children don’t hate to write; they hate how we teach writing.” So states Ruth Culham in this MiddleWeb commentary. Author of Teach Writing Well, she offers strategies to demystify revision, making it doable for all.

Rethinking Student Research

In her new book, Love the Questions: Reclaiming Research with Curiosity and Passion, Cathy Fraser shows us how to lead students through genuine inquiry to think more critically about research. Explore her ideas here, and preview and order the book here.

MiddleWeb Review: Not Light, But Fire

Reviewer Sarah Cooper was “inspired to change in real time” as she read Matthew R. Kay’s Not Light, But Fire. Read her review, where she concludes, “Having read this book, in many ways I feel I can’t return to the teacher I was.”

Math Professional Development

Developing a Math Pedagogy

Check out this free webinar to hear Geoff Krall share inspirations for his new book Necessary Conditions as well as his framework for a secondary math pedagogy. With his guidance, math teachers can open the door to math for all their students.

Number Sense Routines


Find out how you can bring Stenhouse’s new research-based Number Sense professional development program to your school. Developed by author Jessica Shumway, the in-school program guides teachers as they improve students’ number sense learning through quick, 5-15-minute math discussions every day.


Top 15 Titles of 2018

2018 was an exciting year for new Stenhouse titles. Covering literacy, math, and classroom practice, our top 15 books can bring fresh ideas to your classroom in 2019. Educators can receive a 25% discount and free shipping on professional books when ordering directly on Check our 2019 titles here.

In Memoriam: Stenhouse Author David Booth

Canadian literacy leader David Booth, who wrote more than a dozen books for Stenhouse and our Canadian partners Pembroke Publishers, died over the holidays. David’s 60-year career as a writer, teacher, speaker, and professor had a powerful impact on teachers around the world. Read more about him here.

Watch for a fresh new look for Newslinks in 2019!

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