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In Memoriam: Stenhouse Author David Booth

Posted by admin on Jan 3, 2019 10:55:55 AM

Canadian literacy leader David Booth, who wrote more than a dozen books for Stenhouse and our Canadian partners Pembroke Publishers, died over the holidays. David’s 60-year career as a writer, teacher, speaker, and professor at University of Toronto had a powerful impact on teachers around the world.

“David dedicated his life to teachers. He was a tremendous advocate and mentor,” said Stenhouse Publisher Dan Tobin. “He was also a wonderful guy—funny, generous, and interested in everybody and everything. I always looked forward to dinner with David on my trips to Toronto.”

David wrote most of his books with co-authors because he was passionate about the process of collaboration: “I have worked with such fine teachers in writing my books over the years,” he said in a recent interview. “I want the world to realize how many good teachers there are. I write with really good people who have lots to say and want to share their ideas with the world. With others, we are stronger.

Watch a video interview with David Booth talking about his 2017 book What Is a Good Teacher?

Check out David Booth’s books, including the bestseller, The Literacy Principal, 2ndEdition:

Read David Booth’s obituary in the Toronto Star:

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