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Don’t Miss Out on These Pembroke Titles!

Posted by admin on Jan 9, 2019 10:46:38 AM

Pembroke Publishers, the Canadian sister company to Stenhouse, has been busy creating some exciting titles for the spring! Don’t miss out on these fresh ideas from our authors up north!

 Empower your teaching and avoid burnout

A must and no-nonsense read for teachers striving for their personal wellbeing and student success and school administrators who want to be great mentors for their teachers!” Mary Ann Danowitz. D.Ed., Dean, College of Education, North Carolina State University

Establish a balance of a busy, overwhelming classroom and your own well-being with the newest title by Lisa Bush, Teaching Well: How healthy, empowered teachers lead to thriving, successful classroomsBush suggests that teachers can reduce the amount of time they work outside the classroom and still be a motivated and engaged teacher. Establishing a healthy work–life balance and putting teachers’ own emotional health needs first will naturally lead to more effective teaching. The conversational tone of this book, along with a wealth of anecdotal examples, will make this highly readable resource an invaluable guide for every educator.

Expand students’ interest in words and word power

Discover key strategies for making words the core of classroom instruction and engagement with the new title from literacy guru, Larry Swartz, Word By Word: 101 ways to inspire and engage students by building vocabulary, improving spelling, and enriching reading, writing, and learning. This practical resource is designed to help students discover why words matter as they build vocabulary; gain confidence to spell new and difficult words; develop word recognition and process unfamiliar words when reading; increase understanding of words in the content areas; inquire about word meanings and derivations; play with and celebrate words and language; and much more!

Use freewriting to bring meaning and confidence to students’ writing

In freewriting, we write continuously. We begin with a prompt and keep our pen or pencil moving throughout the entire duration. We do not stop to question or censor ourselves; we do not concern ourselves with spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or grammar; we do not let critical thoughts creep into our freewriting time. This new title from Karen Filewych, Freewriting with Purpose: Simple classroom techniques to help students make connections, think critically, and construct meaning, shows teachers how to use freewriting to help kids write well and more, regardless of grade level, subject, time of day, or time of year. It is not a difficult process to implement and yet it makes a significant difference in teacher attitudes, student confidence, and, ultimately, student writing abilities.

Help students build self-regulation skills  

Learn how to incorporate simple mindfulness activities and strategies that foster self-regulation in the classroom and beyond with the newest title by Shelley Murphy, Fostering Mindfulness: Building skills that students need to manage their attention, emotions, and behavior in classrooms and beyond. Murphy defines self-regulation as students’ ability to manage their own attention, emotions, and behavior. Using instructions, scripts, worksheets, and ready-to-use templates, this book shows teachers how to help students strengthen their attention-regulation, emotion-regulation, and behavior-regulation skills. Supporting students’ overall well-being, not just their intellectual progress, is the focus of this timely and important book.

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