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Posted by admin on Feb 28, 2019 10:05:50 AM

“There is a crucial missing link that metaphorically we refer to as ‘building the dictionary in each child’s brain.’”
From Brain Words

Expanding Readers’ Horizons

Preview: Brain Words

The new Brain Words: How the Science of Reading Informs Teaching explores how children's brains develop as they become readers and describes ways you can promote their development. Richard Gentry, co-author with Gene Ouellette, reflects on the topic here. Check out a preview and order here.


The Central Role of Comprehension

Listen to Trevor Bryan, author of the new Art of Comprehension, as he discusses using art to build comprehension. He describes his “What is it? What does it mean? How do you connect with it?” process that draws in students at all levels.

Free and Low-Cost Ideas for Classroom Libraries
“The classroom library is the backbone of literacy instruction,” notes Kari Yates, co-author of To Know and Nurture a Reader. If you’re looking to build an abundant, diverse, and ever-expanding classroom library, find her 21 no- or low-cost tips here.

Strategies for Engagement, Excellence, and Equity

In this “Truth for Teachers” podcast, Regie Routman shares her strategies to promote student engagement, promote equity in the classroom, and achieve excellence. For the host, interviewing Routman was “like a tennis player getting to interview Serena Williams.”

Teaching Phonemic Awareness
For Mark Weakland, it’s all about the phoneme—the sounds of words. “When it comes to early phonemic awareness instruction, get the most bang for your buck by focusing on instruction that teaches children how to segment, blend, and manipulate phonemes,” he writes in his blog.

Workshop: Who’s Doing the Work?
Learn how to give students the practice they need to apply new learning independently. Join this one-day workshop with the authors of Who’s Doing the Work? in Hagerstown, Md., on March 23. Check out registration information here.

Preview: SDE’s National Conference
Known as “the educator conference of choice,” SDE’s lively and popular conference (July 8-12 in Las Vegas) will feature top Stenhouse authors among the more than 100 presenters. Check out registration information so you can meet the likes of Jeff Anderson, Jan Burkins & Kim Yaris, Debbie Diller, and Mark Weakland.

Writing Challenge Starts March 1!
Stacey Shubitz, author of several Stenhouse books about writing and co-host of the Two Writing Teachers website, invites writers of all ages to join the 12th annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge. Find out more about it here.

Alive with Mathematics

What Math Class Should Look Like

The moment when you “get it” in math is life-changing, observes Tracy Zager, author of Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had. “Once [teachers] know what the story arc of doing mathematics feels like–we want our students to have that experience for themselves.” See more photos here.


Number Sense Tips
Jessica Shumway, author of the popular Number Sense Routines, Grades K-3 and the new Number Sense Routines, Grades 3-5, offers her tips on how to get started and navigate tricky moments.

Rave Reviews

Necessary Conditions: Teaching Secondary Math with Academic Safety, Quality Tasks, and Effective Facilitation
Take a look at this review of Geoff Krall’s book, from Chris Luzniak, math teacher and author of a forthcoming Stenhouse book.

Powerful Book Introductions
The way teachers introduce a new book has a dramatic impact on how students engage with reading. Illinois Reading Council Journal reviewers found Powerful Book Introductions to be chock-full of helpful resources, plans, and transcripts of actual conversations—all conveyed with “clarity and passion.” Read the review here.

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