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Opportunities to Enhance Your Writing Instruction

Posted by admin on Mar 8, 2019 2:46:13 PM

Are you looking to expand your writing instruction? The annual Staff Development for Educators (SDE) National Conference in Las Vegas will feature some of the most dynamic speakers who have dedicated their careers to creating resources and delivering professional development that can help! Here are three of the presenters, who are also Stenhouse authors, and what they will be presenting on this year at this exciting and informative multi-day event.

Jeff Anderson, author of Patterns of Power

Patterns of Power: Inviting Young Writers into the Conventions of Language (Gr. 1–5)

Meaning is made when reading and writing crash together in the conventions of language. Where do concept formation and mentor texts fit in? Come discover brain-based, practical ideas for using the reading-and-writing connection to teach grammar and editing in a way that enhances composition and comprehension.

Whitney La Rocca, author of Patterns of Power

Providing Feedback that Matters to Writers (Gr. 3–5)

When provided with feedback that matters, your writers WILL take charge of their own learning! Whitney sheds new light on the feedback process in this interactive session. Explore how to analyze writers and the work they are doing and how to conduct conferences with them that are practical, meaningful, and effective.

Exploring Grammar & Conventions Through Author's Purpose & Craft (Gr. 1–5)

Empower your students to make meaning for their readers with the choices they make as writers.  By building a culture of curiosity, you can turn your grammar instruction into that of inquiry, creating a space for writers to play with language, try out different craft moves, and compose written pieces that will leave their readers wanting more.

Personalizing Learning with Small-Group Reading Instruction (Gr. 1–2)

No two readers are alike, so we must meet their needs by providing instruction that is personalized, engaging, and thought-provoking.  In this interactive session, you will learn how to grow your young readers by analyzing their processes to create practical and effective goals for small-group instruction in your reading classroom.

Providing Feedback that Matters to Writers (Gr. 3–5)

When provided with feedback that matters, writers take charge of their own learning.  In this interactive session, participants will learn how to analyze writers and the work they are doing, and how to conduct conferences with their writers that are practical, meaningful, and effective.

Jennifer McDonough, author of Conferring with Young Writers

Helping Young Writers Grow with Focused & Intentional Conferring (Gr. K–3)

Make sure the precious time you devote to sitting side by side with your young writers pays off. This session is filled with specific goals and strategies that will give young children the tools they need to grow as writers. Using the qualities of good writing, learn how to keep conferring focused, intentional, and efficient so the time you spend is effective and worthwhile.

Examples & Samples: Using Mentor Text to Create Independent Writers (Gr. 1–4)

Do you have students who don't remember what you teach? Student-made reference cards using mentor texts and students' own writing are the solution! Based on the qualities of good writing, Jennifer presents models that allow students to become independent writers who are accountable for using the skills you teach across the school year.

If Not Worksheets, Then What? (Gr. K–4)

Worksheets are the quickest and easiest fix to keep kids in their seats and on task. But are these the kind of authentic learning experiences that prepare kids for their future selves? Jennifer stretches your thinking and beliefs with a fresh look at how to prepare kids who read and write for a lifetime and not just complete tasks.

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