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Stenhouse Recommends: MATH

Posted by admin on Apr 17, 2019 3:24:14 PM

This week, we are recommending these math titles from three talented Stenhouse authors that will help you navigate math instruction and be able to teach it with meaning, confidence, and joy. Read to discover the books that you and your colleagues can read together and grow your teaching expertise to the benefit of all your students!

Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had

While mathematicians describe mathematics as playful, beautiful, creative, and captivating, many students describe math class as boring, stressful, useless, and humiliating. In Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had, Tracy Zager helps teachers close this gap by making math class more like mathematics. This important book helps us develop instructional techniques that will make the math classes we teach so much better than the math classes we took. You can buy Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had HERE and download the STUDY GUIDE.

The Necessary Conditions for a Successful Secondary Math Class

Math instruction in middle and high school is often something of a grab bag, with schools jumping from curriculum to curriculum, lacking a guiding vision or continuity between years. No wonder so many students conclude, “I’m not a math person.” Geoff Krall thinks that’s a problem, and he’s devoted his career to fixing it. His new book, Necessary Conditions, offers a coherent approach to a secondary math pedagogy by identifying three essential elements that will open the door to math for all of your students: academic safety, quality tasks, and effective facilitation. You can buy Necessary Conditions HERE and download the Study Guide HERE.

Number Sense Every Day Goes a Long Way

Number Sense Routines, Grades K–3 and Number Sense Routines, Grades 3–5 by Jessica Shumway is about tapping into every child’s innate sense of number and providing daily, connected experiences that are responsive to children’s learning needs. Through familiar five-, ten-, or fifteen-minute warm-up routines, Shumway offers both beginner and veteran teachers easy and effective ways to build and solidify students’ number sense foundations. No matter how familiar the routine, each are infused with new joy, depth, and life. You can buy Number Sense Routines, K–3 HERE and Number Senses Routines, 3–5 HERE, and download the Study Guides HERE.

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