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REVIEW: Teaching Literature Rhetorically by Jennifer Fletcher

Posted by admin on Apr 22, 2019 3:38:24 PM

Below is a customer review of Jennifer Fletcher's Teaching Literature Rhetorically: Transferable Literacy Skills for 21st Century Students, which  is one of the most accurate descriptions of this wonderful book and how it can help teachers help their students develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Simply put, this book is about teaching literature for real life. Fletcher makes a case for why we need to teach students reading and writing skills they can transfer to any situation and provides high-quality, engaging, thoughtful ways to help students do just that.

Fletcher helps us see how we might use students' identities, values, and communication experiences to help them understand both literature and the world on a deeper level. My notebook is now full of strategies I can't wait to use: values hierarchy, communication feature analysis matrix, Walk Up Music, descriptive plot outlines, character style sheets, peer reading quizzes, GoFundMe requests--I could list a dozen more.

Importantly, Fletcher never discounts or dismisses the way literature can move us personally. Instead, she explores how we can channel that emotion toward additional connections with others and the world at large. I highly recommend this book to anyone who's looking for ways to help students make the connection between literature and the world they encounter when they walk out the school doors. In other words, all English teachers should read this book.

--Alison Farmer, Secondary Instructional Coach for English and Social Studies, Centerville City Schools in Dayton, OH

By teaching literature rhetorically, we prepare students to be adaptive thinkers and communicators who can transfer their learning to new tasks and settings. This book explores rhetorical approaches to novels, short stories, poetry, and drama that empower ALL students to read and write across the diverse contexts of today and tomorrow. To learn more and preview Teaching Literature Rhetorically, click HERE!

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