Teaching the math in art and the art in math

The visual nature of mathematics is often lost in traditional symbolic and procedure-based mathematics instruction…integrating visual arts into math experiences makes the lessons more active, visual, and meaningful. Our students become more focused, competent mathematicians through their visual investigations.

Math educator Caren Holtzman and art teacher Lynn Susholtz show teachers in grades K-5 how visual arts can effectively convey core mathematical concepts and processes in their new book, Object Lessons.

Using everyday objects—flags, shoes, paper, rocks, faces, food, grids, and journals—Caren and Lynn present a rich collection of more than 50 classroom-ready activities that encourage problem solving, developing visual & spatial abilities, and making sense of mathematical ideas.

Each of the field-tested activities focuses on specific math content areas and grade levels, defines math and art vocabulary, and rigorously addresses key mathematics standards, skills, and concepts. Important visual arts methods are brought to life through the ideas and talents of more than 40 contemporary artists and made accessible to all teachers regardless of their art proficiency. And the bound-in CD-ROM provides color images of student artwork, activity reproducibles, and links to relevant artists and Web sites.

Print copies of Object Lessons will start shipping later this month; you can preview the entire book online now!

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