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In my own teaching, I have struggled to integrate content area concepts with literacy instruction. I have worried, along with every other teacher I’ve known, about how little time we have to teach all we want children to know. Here it all was, right before me, in Sue’s classroom.
—Ellin Oliver Keene

lets-find-outIn her new book, Let’s Find Out!, Sue Kempton invites readers into her kindergarten classroom where she incorporates music, art, movement, drama, research, and the natural world as she learns alongside her students. You’ll discover how to help children create background knowledge (schema) as they are learning to read and write.

Teachers will gain a solid understanding of why schema is so important and how they can help students develop it. The heart of the book presents stories from Sue’s classroom, illustrating how to use 20 key teaching tools—such as observation, dramatization, talking, and movement—strategically to ensure that kids develop schema for reading, writing, and other subject areas.

45 minutes of accompanying online video give you an in-depth look at Sue’s classroom—how kids support each other, use drama to enhance reading comprehension, learn effective word choice, and more.

Filled with student-teacher dialogue and writing samples, Let’s Find Out! guides primary teachers to enhance their comprehension instruction and give all of their students what they need to become proficient readers. The book will be published next month, and you can preview the entire text online now and then take a tour of Sue’s classroom in this short video

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