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Math Tools in Action is an exciting new DVD series that shows teachers in grades 1-5 how to use anchor charts, journals, and manipulatives to deepen and improve mathematics instruction. Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez (authors of the recent book Small Steps, Big Changes) demonstrate complete lessons in real classrooms and offer expert commentary and teaching tips before and during each lesson.

In Anchor Charts, Chris discusses the purpose of this essential tool with fifth-grade students and Marco leads a fourth-grade class through a lesson on building and decomposing an array. You and your staff will see how anchor charts can help students comprehend and remember key concepts and skills.

Journals will help you bring the Common Core State Standards’ Mathematical Practices to life every day. Watch Chris use math journals to invite first-grade students to document their own ideas, experiences, and prior knowledge while improving their math vocabulary. Chris also works with fifth-graders to investigate a mathematical argument and defend, revise, and reject conjectures.

In Manipulatives, Chris and a third-grade class learn about comparative sizes by exploring the dimensions of a variety of insects, animals, and birds using tape measures, linking cubes, number charts, and themselves. You’ll see how manipulatives help students think, remember, and communicate their ideas.

Viewing guides for each DVD provide discussion questions, activity suggestions, and handouts that will help PD facilitators and viewers engage with the ideas at a deeper level and make connections to their own classrooms.

Buy all three DVDs now and save $50!

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