Review: Everyday Editing

In a post titled Making Conventions Fun, Vicki Spandel and Jeff Hicks recently reviewed Jeff Anderson’s book Everyday Editing on their blog Six Trait Gurus.

“Books are meant to be read in different ways,” they write, “and this one isn’t necessarily a book you’ll sit down and read cover to cover (like a mystery novel) prior to using it. Begin Everyday Editing by reading the Introduction plus the first three chapters. This much, Part I, sets the stage for setting up lessons, and will help you understand the premise of the book–which is to invite students into the world of editing through literature and fascinating examples.”

The review then offers 10 steps for making the most of Jeff’s book.

“Why would we spend time tediously correcting errors that just happen to pop up in students’ writing when we could engage our writers in dynamic discussions about real writing, sparked by brilliant examples from today’s best writers,” the reviewers ask in the conclusion. “Thanks to Jeff Anderson for inviting us on an incredible journey that virtually electrifies editing instruction. Don’t miss this book.”

Add comment September 19th, 2011

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