Preview new video: Daily warm-ups to build number sense

Students who are lacking number sense tend to struggle in mathematics and the gap in their understanding can widen over time. In her book, Number Sense Routines, Jessica Shumway introduced a series of short warm-ups for the beginning of math class to help students internalize and deepen their facility with numbers.

Now in her new video, Go Figure!, Jessica invites you into three elementary classrooms for a live look at how these routines work. Viewers will see Jessica and three classroom teachers teach six routines:

• Count Around the Circle (2nd grade)
• Quick Images in a Guided Math Group (1st grade)
• Counting on the Number Line (4th grade)
• Ways to Make a Number (2nd grade)
• Visualizing Quantities (1st grade)
• Count Around the Room (4th grade)

Each lesson includes reflections and debriefs that unpack the teaching moves demonstrated in the classroom. In a concluding segment, Jessica answers nine frequently asked questions about number sense routines such as “Where do you get your ideas for routines?” and “What if students have difficulty explaining their mathematical thinking?”

Go Figure will be released later this month, and you can preview three segments (including a full routine lesson) as well as download the Viewing Guide now.

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