A chance meeting

Julie D. Ramsay, author of “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing” was at a dinner during the Arkansas Reading Association’s conference and enjoyed a lively conversation with someone she has never met. That someone turned out to be another Stenhouse author, Steve Layne (Igniting a Passion for Reading). “It’s always nice to meet another member if the Stenhouse family,” Julie wrote, and shared this picture with us of the meeting:

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Radio interview with Julie Ramsay

Teacher and author Julie D. Ramsay was recently interviewed by her local radio station in Alabama. During the interview Julie talks about her new book, “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing” and shares her strategies for getting students excited about writing.

Listening to the interview you will get a really nice picture of Julie’s classroom and the motivation behind writing her book. Julie says that the interview was a fun experience for her as well, and she got some great sound editing tips from radio experts.

Listen to the full interview and then check out her book online.

Julie talking to the show's host during her radio interview

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