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Most children, with very few exceptions, did not see themselves as a reader or writer…it was evident that we would have to extend the scope of a reader to one who tells a story from a book or with a book, and embrace the concept of a writer as one who creates a story orally, pictorially, or with written words.
—from The Castle in the Classroom

Building on children’s love of story, in all its various forms—oral language, drama, reading, writing, art, interpretation, cultural traditions—can provide a strong foundation for a comprehensive literacy model in kindergarten.

In her new book, The Castle in the Classroom, Ranu Bhattacharyya immerses readers in her diverse kindergarten, revealing through practical structures and tools how she works with students to create a magical environment for them to play, discover, pretend, and explore—all while making great strides in learning to read and write. Three dozen focus lessons provide practice in a variety of skills, strategies, and genres as students progress through the school year. A final chapter shows how to embed assessment into daily instruction through student folders and portfolios.

The Castle in the Classroom will start shipping in mid-October, and you can preview the entire book online now!

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