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0983Small-group instruction is a key part of developing young mathematicians and responding to the needs of each student. In her book Math Exchanges, Kassia Omohundro Wedekind helps teachers use small groups as a critical component of successful math workshops. Now in her new DVD, How Did You Solve That?, Kassia and her colleague Rachel Knieling demonstrate small-group math meetings with their kindergarten and second-grade students.

Viewers will see what small-group math exchanges look like, sound like, and feel like, as students learn what it means to have significant mathematical dialogue that results in deeper understanding and more effective and efficient strategies for solving problems. Kassia and Rachel offer commentary as they plan, teach, and reflect. Your staff will see how to:

  • group students and plan effectively for math exchanges;
  • patiently use questions and other language that supports (but doesn’t take over) student thinking and encourages student talk;
  • assess students’ mathematical understandings; and
  • respond when math exchanges take an unexpected turn.

The companion viewing guide provides background on each problem discussed in the small-group meetings, notes on teacher language, and discussion questions. The DVD includes a special 25-minute section focusing on frequently asked questions about math exchanges.

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