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We are excited to bring you a new lineup of professional development books from well-known authors as well as some new voices. Browse the list below and look for our fall catalog in the mail in the coming weeks—or download it now.

Craft MovesCraft Moves
Lesson Sets for Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts
Stacey Shubitz
Foreword by Lester Laminack
Stacey Shubitz, cofounder of the Two Writing Teachers website, does the heavy lifting of finding mentor texts for you: using twenty recently published picture books, she creates more than 180 lessons to teach various craft moves that will help your students become better writers.
Follow Stacey on Twitter: @sshubitz
Join the Facebook discussion group for Craft Moves:

The Author's ApprenticeThe Author’s Apprentice
Developing Writing Fluency, Stamina, and Motivation Through Authentic Publication
Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg
Foreword by Jeff Anderson
You’ve got to read this book.
—Jeff Anderson
Help improve your middle level students’ writing fluency, stamina, and motivation by letting them do what professional writers do. You’ll see how to build “writerly” routines through projects like National Novel Writing Month.
Follow Vicki on Twitter: @VMeigsK

Teaching GloballyTeaching Globally
Reading the World Through Literature
Edited by Kathy G. Short, Deanna Day, and Jean Schroeder
Teaching Globally brings together fourteen classroom teachers and university professors who use global children’s literature to help students explore their own cultural identities and broaden their knowledge of the world.


Which One Doesn't Belong student bookWhich One Doesn’t Belong?
A Shapes Book and Teacher’s Guide
Christopher Danielson
Which One Doesn’t Belong? is a children’s book about shapes and a book about mathematics. When children look for sameness or difference, when they work hard to put their ideas into words, they engage in real mathematical thinking. They develop new questions. They argue. They wonder. The companion Teacher’s Guide shows how to facilitate rich discussions and teach mathematical argumentation.
Follow Christopher on Twitter: @Trianglemancsd

Starting StrongStarting Strong
Evidence-Based Early Literacy Practice
Katrin Blamey and Katherine Beauchat
Starting Strong shows teachers how to use four proven instructional approaches—standards based, evidence based, assessment based, and student based—to improve their teaching practice in all areas of early literacy.
Follow Katrin on Twitter: @KatrinBlamey

Becoming a Literacy Leader 2EBecoming a Literacy Leader
Supporting Learning and Change
2nd Edition
Jennifer Allen
The new edition of this bestselling book is a thoughtful, reflective evolution of Jennifer’s work as a literacy leader. You’ll get an explicit framework for implementing in-class support, curriculum support & assessment, study group facilitation, and teacher leadership. Administrators will see how they can use the literacy leader position to build and sustain change within their schools.

Still Learning to Read 2nd EditionStill Learning to Read
Teaching Students in Grades 3-6
Second Edition
Franki Sibberson and Karen Szymusiak
Foreword by Colby Sharp
The new edition of Still Learning to Read focuses on the needs of students in grades 3-6 in all aspects of reading workshop, including read-aloud, classroom design, digital tools, fiction, nonfiction, and close reading. Watch two short videos of coauthor Franki Sibberson talking about how the classroom environment has changed for both teachers and students since the original edition was published.
Follow the authors on Twitter and join us for a Twitter chat on Monday, August 1st, at 8:30 p.m. EST: @frankisibberson, @karenszymusiak
Join the book’s Facebook group, where discussion will begin September 5th:

Conferring with Young WritersConferring with Young Writers
What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do
Kristin Ackerman and Jennifer McDonough
If you’ve ever sat down to confer with a child and felt at a loss for what to say, this book is for you. Conferring with Young Writers will help writing teachers—and students—learn to break down and utilize the qualities that enable good writing: elaboration, voice, structure, conventions, and focus.
Follow the authors on Twitter: @kristinack1, @jenjmcdonough

Dream WakersDream Wakers
Mentor Texts That Celebrate Latino Culture
Ruth Culham
Foreword by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Ruth Culham focuses her love of children’s literature on books that celebrate Latino life and culture. She provides a wide variety of ideas to teach writing using some of the richest and most beautiful children’s books available.
Follow Ruth on Twitter: @WritingThief

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Preview three new books!

Check out three new books from Pembroke Publishers, available in the U.S. from Stenhouse. All are posted for full-text preview.


Moment to Moment
A Positive Approach to Managing Classroom Behavior
Joey Mandel • Grades K-6 • 160 pp • $22.00
How do you deal with difficult classroom behavior? This book gives you a positive framework for understanding student behaviors and linking them to social skill deficits. Includes a comprehensive class survey tool and 52 games and activities that target specific skills.


8289I’ve Got Something to Say
How Student Voices Inform Our Teaching
David Booth • Grades 4-8 • 144 pp • $22.00
Acclaimed educator David Booth provides rich, authentic examples of a “talk curriculum” that honors students’ voices and builds thinking skills across subject areas. Includes 41 practical teaching strategies.


8286Students at Risk (2nd Edition)
Cheryll Duquette • Grades K-8 • 160 pp • $22.00
Daunted by the task of meeting the needs of your exceptional students? Get a concise guide to a wide range of exceptionalities, from behavioral disorders to sensory impairments to giftedness, with specific ways to help students. Includes new chapters on differentiation, working with parents, and preparing students for transitions to new routines and environments.

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7 new spring titles!

We are excited to bring you seven new titles this spring — five books and two DVDs. Browse our list and visit our website to find out more about each title and to order or pre-order your copy now!
Moving into Math Stations, K-2
Debbie Diller • 84-minute DVD + Viewing Guide
Grades K-2 • $225.00 • Available early March
Preview a 7-minute clip and download the Viewing Guide!
Complementing her best-selling book Math Work Stations, Debbie explores both the larger purpose of math stations—how they connect big ideas to meaningful independent practice—and the detailed nuts and bolts of how to create and implement stations in the math classroom.

When Writing with Technology Matters
Charles Fuhrken and Carol Bedard
Grades 1-8 • 160 pp • $20.00 • Available late March
Shows how to take advantage of the digital generation’s affinity for technology in order to change and improve the writing process. Includes detailed descriptions of elementary and middle school literacy projects that teachers can follow step-by-step or use as a guide when planning their own technology-based projects.

Starting with Science
Strategies for Introducing Young Children to Inquiry
Marcia Talhelm Edson
Grades K-3 • 160 pp • $19.00 • Available mid-April
Presents inquiry science as a joint exploration that teachers and students take together as they ask questions about the world around them. Describes how to design extended investigations where children interact with the real world, ask questions, develop and test theories, share ideas, and find connections.

Assessment in Perspective
Focusing on the Reader Behind the Numbers
Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan
Foreword by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, “The Sisters”
Grades K-6 • 160 pp • $22.00 • Available late April
Given all the assessment data confronting teachers today, it’s easy to lose sight of individual students. This book shows you how to use multiple assessments—from reading conference notes and student work to running records and state tests—together to provide an in-depth picture of every reader.

Fact Finders!
Shared Nonfiction Think-Aloud
Patrick Allen • 35-minute DVD + Viewing Guide
Grades 3-5 • $95.00 • Available late March
Preview a 5-minute clip!
Patrick Allen invites you into his fourth-grade classroom where he demonstrates how comprehension strategies such as determining importance in text, inferring, and synthesizing can be taught through shared nonfiction think-alouds.

Caring Hearts & Critical Minds
Literature, Inquiry, and Social Responsibility
Steven Wolk • Grades 5-9 • 264 pp • $25.00 • Available now
Want more for your students than just academic achievement? Veteran educator Steve Wolk takes you step-by-step through creating rigorous lessons about topics kids care about—from media and the environment to personal happiness and global poverty. Includes five complete classroom-tested units of study.

Word Nerds
Teaching All Students to Learn and Love Vocabulary
Brenda Overturf, Leslie Montgomery, and Margot Holmes Smith
Grades K-6 • 184 pp • $20.00 • Available now
Shows you how to fit daily vocabulary instruction into an already-packed literacy schedule with a classroom-tested five-part plan that improves achievement while building confidence and enthusiasm. Includes reproducible planners, organizers, and rubrics.

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Preview the full text of 5 new books!

Preview 5 new books from Pembroke Publishers (distributed in the U.S. by Stenhouse.)

100 Minutes
Making Every Minute Count in the Literacy Block
Lisa Donohue • Grades K-6 • 160 pp • $22.00
Shows teachers how to fit balanced literacy into a daily 100-minute literacy block using a framework of whole-class & guided small-group instruction, writing sessions, and independent work. Includes strategies for using exemplars, providing effective feedback, integrating technology, and more.

Ban the Book Report
Promoting Frequent and Enthusiastic Reading
Graham Foster • Grades 4-9 • 128 pp • $22.00
Presents 20 classroom-tested assignments for personal response to independent reading, each with a reproducible rubric, response form, and two exemplars. Will help you foster interesting and relevant responses that encourage further reading.

Student-Driven Learning
Small, Medium, and Big Steps to Engage and Empower Students
Jennifer Harper and Kathryn O’Brien • Grades K-6 • 128 pp • $22.00
Provides a wealth of new ideas for motivation, routines that engage kids, fostering creativity, sparking critical thinking, meaningful assessment, and getting to know your students.

This Book Is Not About Drama
It’s About New Ways to Inspire Students
Myra Barrs, Bob Barton, and David Booth
Grades 3-8 • 160 pp • $22.00
Offers sure-fire ways to engage students through sharing personal stories, role playing, and reenactments. You’ll see how to recharge literacy activities by giving kids opportunities to interact with themes, characters, and events in texts.

Back to Learning
How Research-Based Classroom Instruction Can Make the Impossible Possible
Les Parsons • Grades K-8 • 96 pp • $22.00
Tackles challenging issues such as bullying, appropriate use of technology, and responding to external pressures without compromising what’s best for your students. A thought-provoking and research-based look at a wide range of teaching practices.

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Spring into our new titles!

We just posted our exciting lineup of new books and videos for spring 2012! Several of these books are already available to order, the rest will be arriving in our warehouse soon.

I See What You Mean: Visual Literacy K-8 (Second Edition)
Steve Moline
Now available!

What Are you Thinking? Conferring in Reader’s Workshop (DVD)
Patrick Allen
Now available!

What Every Middle School Teacher Needs to Know About Reading Tests (From Someone Who Has Written Them)
Charles Fuhrken
Now available!

Living the Questions: A Guide for Teacher-Researchers (Second Edition)
Ruth Shagoury and Brenda Miller Power
Now available!

Small Steps, Big Changes: Eight Essential Practices for Transforming Schools Through Mathematics
Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez
Available in March

Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives
Peter Johnston
Now available!

Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay
Kimberly Hill Campbell and Kristi Latimer
Available in April

How Can I Support You? Strategies for Effective Writing Conferences (DVD)
Mark Overmeyer
Available in February

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