Author conversation with Ralph Fletcher

We recently had a chance to sit down with Ralph Fletcher, whose latest book is Making Nonfiction from Scratch. In this clip, Ralph talks about what makes nonfiction inherently creative. Preview Making Nonfiction from Scratch it its entirety online!

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Nonfiction writing teaching tips from Adrienne Gear

Writing a story is very complex…you need to have the character, the setting, the problem, the solution, the beginning, the middle, the end—it’s a complicated structure. But nonfiction writing is so much easier to do. It’s so much easier to teach, and it’s a lot easier for children to feel success in.

Adrienne Gear, author of four books including Nonfiction Writing Power, offers a useful analogy for teaching paragraph writing, explains how to tie your writing lessons to two key goals, and shares a tip for elevating students’ nonfiction writing vocabulary in these two short videos:

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