7 new titles available for preview

We just posted the full preview for seven new and recent books from our Canadian partner, Pembroke Publishers.

Powerful Readers
Thinking Strategies to Guide Literacy Instruction in Secondary Classrooms
Kyla Hadden and Adrienne Gear
At any age or grade level, powerful readers are those who are aware of their thinking as they read. This book demonstrates that instruction in the key strategies of connecting, visualizing, questioning, inferring, determining importance, and transforming can help high school students develop their reading skills and get more out of their work with fiction and nonfiction.
Grades 8-12 • 128 pages • $24.00 • Available now

Literacy 101
Questions and Answers That Meet the Needs of Real Teachers
David Booth
In his new book, David Booth answers questions from real teachers about building skills in literacy—from phonics to comprehension, from simple exercises to rich reading materials. Drawing on more than forty years of experience in education, David shares hard-learned lessons about what has—and hasn’t—worked for him.
Grades K-12 • 128 pages • $24.00 • Available now

Student Diversity, Third Edition
Teaching Strategies to Meet the Learning Needs of All Students in K-10 Classrooms
Faye Brownlie, Catherine Feniak, and Leyton Schnellert
Based on extensive classroom research, Student Diversity presents many examples of teachers working together in diverse classrooms to improve their teaching practice—from the primary and early years to middle school and high school.
Grades K-10 • 160 pages • $24.00 • Available now

Substitute Teaching?
Everything You Need to Get the Students on Your Side and Teach Them, Too
Amanda Yuill
This easy-to-read, humorous survival guide for substitute teachers presents strategies to get students on your side and make classroom management easier for the whole day. You’ll get ready-to-use tools, tips, and lesson ideas for every grade from kindergarten through 8th.
Grades K-8 • 160 pages • $24.00 • Available now

The Four Roles of the Numerate Learner
Effective Teaching and Assessment Strategies to Help Students Think Differently About Mathematics
Mary Fiore and Maria Luisa Lebar
This book introduces a framework (sense maker, skill user, thought communicator, and critical interpreter) that supports an integrated approach to effective mathematics instruction. It builds on educators’ understanding of how to effectively teach mathematics and borrows from successful frameworks used to teach literacy.
Grades K-12 • 128 pages • $24.00 • Available now

Relationships Make the Difference
Connect with Your Students and Help Them Build Social, Emotional, and Academic Skills
Pat Trottier
This book provides the scaffolding that teachers need to establish strong relationships with their students and create caring classroom communities that build relationships with parents, school administration, staff, and support specialists.
Grades K-12 • 128 pages • $24.00 • Available now

Teaching with Humor, Compassion, and Conviction
Helping Our Students Become Literate, Considerate, Passionate Human Beings
Heather Hollis
How can teachers make their literacy classrooms a place of joy? Full of simple strategies and activities for building community, this practical book is committed to promoting strong literacy skills and creating mindful classrooms where students are free to speak with compassion, write with conviction, and read with joy.
Grades K-6 • 128 pages • $24.00 • Available now

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Preview the full text of 5 new books

We just posted the full preview for five new books from our Canadian publishing partner, Pembroke Publishers. They are all available in print and e-book formats!
How to Empower Students to Ask Questions and Care About the Answers (Second Edition)
Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan
Grades 4-12 • 160 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
Helps you develop a questioning culture and empower students to think critically, with 103 activities on curiosity, question types, building good questions, comprehension, opinions, interviews, surveys, writing, and more. The new edition incorporates technology tools and collaborative learning.

8299Exploding the Reading
Building a World of Responses from One Small Story, 50 Interactive Strategies for Increasing Comprehension
David Booth
Grades K-8 • 160 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
A fascinating look at how hundreds of students respond to the same story, and how a variety of teachers at different grade levels tailor instruction using different modes of response such as text talk, role play, writing, and technology to improve comprehension.


82953-Minute Motivators
(Revised Edition)
Kathy Paterson
Grades K-12 • 160 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
More than 200 simple, fun activities for any grade that will help you use “a little magic” to take a quick break, engage students, and refocus them on the task at hand. 150 of the motivators are new to this edition.


8298Stop the Stress in Schools
Mental Health Strategies Teachers Can Use to Build a Kinder, Gentler Classroom
Joey Mandel
Grades K-6 • 128 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
You may not always be able to remove the source of your students’ worries, but you can employ the strategies in this book to respond in the most positive way and help kids calm themselves, become more resilient, and build their confidence, even during the most difficult moments.


Classroom Literacy that Will Excite, Surprise, and Stimulate Learning
Larry Swartz
Grades 4-12 • 160 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
Presents a set of games, activities, and resources based on 10 themes such as identity, bullying, fantasy worlds, and the immigrant experience. Each unit uses games and drama to make connections to a variety of literary genres and enrich your literacy instruction.

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Preview the Full Text of 3 New Titles!

We’ve just posted the entire text of three new books from Pembroke Publishers (distributed in the U.S. by Stenhouse). Check them out now in their entirety! All three titles are available both in print and e-book formats.

Nonfiction Writing Power
Adrienne Gear
Grades K-8 • 160 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
Gives you a complete framework for teaching the key genres of descriptive, instructional, persuasive, comparison, explanatory, and nonfiction narrative writing. Includes 29 sample lessons, dozens of printable planners & organizers, anchor text suggestions, and student samples.

Struggling Readers
Why Band-aids Don’t Stick and Worksheets Don’t Work
Lori Jamison Rog
Grades 3-9 • 160 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
Provides a range of ideas that you can use to plan targeted small-group reading instruction for struggling readers in upper grades. Includes over 30 lesson routines and practices that span all aspects of reading instruction, from assessment to writing about reading, and includes numerous reproducible forms and organizers.

A Math Assessment Tool That Reveals Learning and Informs Teaching
Kevin Bird and Kirk Savage
Grades K-12 • 96 pp • Available now
$24.00 print • $21.60 e-book • $34.00 print/e-book bundle
The ANIE (Assessment of Numeracy in Education) is a simple, powerful tool that all teachers and specialists can continuously use to identify students’ understanding of a concept or procedure, and build instruction to support gaps in learning. Works with any math program to support conceptual and procedural understanding.

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Preview three new books!

Check out three new books from Pembroke Publishers, available in the U.S. from Stenhouse. All are posted for full-text preview.


Moment to Moment
A Positive Approach to Managing Classroom Behavior
Joey Mandel • Grades K-6 • 160 pp • $22.00
How do you deal with difficult classroom behavior? This book gives you a positive framework for understanding student behaviors and linking them to social skill deficits. Includes a comprehensive class survey tool and 52 games and activities that target specific skills.


8289I’ve Got Something to Say
How Student Voices Inform Our Teaching
David Booth • Grades 4-8 • 144 pp • $22.00
Acclaimed educator David Booth provides rich, authentic examples of a “talk curriculum” that honors students’ voices and builds thinking skills across subject areas. Includes 41 practical teaching strategies.


8286Students at Risk (2nd Edition)
Cheryll Duquette • Grades K-8 • 160 pp • $22.00
Daunted by the task of meeting the needs of your exceptional students? Get a concise guide to a wide range of exceptionalities, from behavioral disorders to sensory impairments to giftedness, with specific ways to help students. Includes new chapters on differentiation, working with parents, and preparing students for transitions to new routines and environments.

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Preview the full text of 5 new books!

Preview 5 new books from Pembroke Publishers (distributed in the U.S. by Stenhouse.)

100 Minutes
Making Every Minute Count in the Literacy Block
Lisa Donohue • Grades K-6 • 160 pp • $22.00
Shows teachers how to fit balanced literacy into a daily 100-minute literacy block using a framework of whole-class & guided small-group instruction, writing sessions, and independent work. Includes strategies for using exemplars, providing effective feedback, integrating technology, and more.

Ban the Book Report
Promoting Frequent and Enthusiastic Reading
Graham Foster • Grades 4-9 • 128 pp • $22.00
Presents 20 classroom-tested assignments for personal response to independent reading, each with a reproducible rubric, response form, and two exemplars. Will help you foster interesting and relevant responses that encourage further reading.

Student-Driven Learning
Small, Medium, and Big Steps to Engage and Empower Students
Jennifer Harper and Kathryn O’Brien • Grades K-6 • 128 pp • $22.00
Provides a wealth of new ideas for motivation, routines that engage kids, fostering creativity, sparking critical thinking, meaningful assessment, and getting to know your students.

This Book Is Not About Drama
It’s About New Ways to Inspire Students
Myra Barrs, Bob Barton, and David Booth
Grades 3-8 • 160 pp • $22.00
Offers sure-fire ways to engage students through sharing personal stories, role playing, and reenactments. You’ll see how to recharge literacy activities by giving kids opportunities to interact with themes, characters, and events in texts.

Back to Learning
How Research-Based Classroom Instruction Can Make the Impossible Possible
Les Parsons • Grades K-8 • 96 pp • $22.00
Tackles challenging issues such as bullying, appropriate use of technology, and responding to external pressures without compromising what’s best for your students. A thought-provoking and research-based look at a wide range of teaching practices.

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