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We are surrounded by graphics and symbols as well as words. Maps, diagrams, tables, graphs, and charts are superior to text for conveying many ideas, but are often complex and challenging to understand. And visual information is more accessible to emergent readers, English language learners, and visual learners.

For all of these reasons, it’s essential that we explicitly teach kids how visual information works—how to comprehend it and how to communicate with it. Thoroughly revised and expanded, the new edition of I See What You Mean is a practical guide to incorporating visual literacy instruction throughout your curriculum.

Author and visual literacy expert Steve Moline delves into a variety of important visual text types using activities and scores of examples that naturally progress from simple to complex and concrete to abstract. The book helps you:

  • understand the vital role of visuals and how they complement basic text in literacy development;
  • integrate literacy with math, science and technology, history, health, and social studies;
  • motivate students—often boys—who are judged to be nonwriters and nonreaders;
  • extend the repertoire of young writers beyond sentences.

You can now pre-order and preview I See What You Mean in its entirety online. Printed copies of the book will start shipping in late November.

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