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Perfect PairsHands-on science lessons are great for teaching many science concepts in the primary grades, but when it comes to life science, you need more. Award-winning science author Melissa Stewart and Milken Educator Nancy Chesley share an innovative way to bring a whole world of plants, animals, ecosystems, and natural processes to life in their new book, Perfect Pairs.

By pairing the very best nonfiction science books with fiction picture books, Melissa and Nancy build the kinds of “minds-on” learning experiences that appeal to a wide variety of students while supporting the latest science and English language arts standards.

The heart of the book presents 22 engaging and easy-to-implement lessons categorized by grade (K, 1, and 2) that use pairs of fiction and nonfiction books to teach a wide variety of topics such as what animals eat, how a plant’s parts help it survive, habitats, biomes, wetlands, and more. Each lesson invites students to wonder about a life science idea and uses the books to guide the class through an investigative process, encouraging students to draw conclusions.

Perfect Pairs will change the way you teach science and leave a lasting impression on your students. You can preview the entire book now on the Stenhouse website.

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Book chat with Aimee Buckner

In case you missed our live book chat with Aimee Buckner recently, here is your chance to watch it at your own convenience. We just posted the full webinar on our website, along with some additional responses to audience questions that we didn’t have time for during the event.

Follow this link to the Stenhouse site to watch the book chat.

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