Preview now: Fact Finders!

Shared think-alouds are a great way to model reading strategies and help students become engaged, purposeful readers. Join Patrick Allen as he demonstrates a shared nonfiction think-aloud focusing on the key strategy of determining importance in his new DVD, Fact Finders!

Patrick’s students learn to talk not only about the text but also about their thinking. In addition to opportunities to “turn and talk” and annotate text, Patrick uses shared think-aloud near the start of his multi-week strategy studies. As you and your staff observe Patrick’s lesson, you’ll see:

  • the language and behaviors that a seasoned reader uses to make sense of a piece of nonfiction text;
  • ways to help students define and refine their purposes for reading, and identify what’s important versus what’s just interesting; and
  • how to incorporate shared think-aloud into your reader’s workshop so that students transfer ideas to their own texts and apply strategies independently.

Fact Finders! has just been released, so watch this preview clip and then order your copy on the Stenhouse website.

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