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Introducing One Thing You Might Try . . . from Stenhouse

Posted by admin on Oct 22, 2020 12:21:52 PM

The banner across the top of the Stenhouse website reads “for teachers, by teachers.” This has always been Stenhouse’s tagline, but more than that, it is our core belief. We believe in creating a space for teachers’ voices. And while perhaps this doesn’t seem like a particularly radical ideathat teachers have ideas, practices, and expertise worthy of listening to, in our current environment it sometimes does.

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Topics: One Thing You Might Try, Remote Learning

PODCAST: Building a Curious and Playful Early Childhood Math Community

Posted by admin on Oct 21, 2020 3:43:46 PM

In this episode of Teacher's Corner, we talk to the author of the new book, Joyful Math, Deanna McLennan, and the author of Early Childhood Math Routines, Antonia Cameron about how to nurture a curious and joyful early childhood math community. Listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Celebrate Writing with Stenhouse!

Posted by admin on Oct 20, 2020 2:47:24 PM

It's the National Day on Writing® organized annually by the National Council of Teachers of English(NCTE)! And to help them celebrate we are aiming the spotlight on these wonderful titles that are packed with ideas on ways to enhance your writing instruction. Take a look.

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Stenhouse Authors at Literacy for All 2020

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2020 1:10:51 PM

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Books to Inspire Teachers and Engage Students

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2020 12:32:47 PM

October has become notorious among educators for being a particularly challenging month. If you tend to feel that way, you're not alone. So we wanted to give a list of titles that will keep you inspired and motivated, while engaging your young learners. And you can apply any of these ideas to in-person, remote, or hybrid instruction! Take a  look.

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VIDEO: Behind the Book with JoEllen McCarthy: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

Posted by admin on Oct 9, 2020 8:28:41 AM

In this episode of Behind the Book, JoEllen McCarthy talks to author, Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow about her children's book, Your Name is a Song. Watch to discover what inspired Jamilah to write this popular book and what she hopes students and teachers will learn from it. 

"Together let's connect our students to the stories, the people, and the possibilities for learning on and off the page of their books."

~JoEllen McCarthy


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Bringing Math Learning Outdoors

Posted by admin on Oct 8, 2020 1:09:47 PM

Deanna Pecaski McLennan, Ph.D., is a full-day kindergarten teacher based in Ontario, Canada and the author of the new book Joyful Math: Invitations to Play and Explore in the Early Childhood Classroom  and was recently awarded the 2020 Prime Minister Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM.

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PODCAST: Responding Instead of Reacting, Self-Care for Teachers

Posted by admin on Oct 5, 2020 3:22:01 PM

"What we can do with all of the worries and stress people are having is reframe it, and think about how this might be a chance to re-envision how we do a lot of things."

These are tough times. It's understandable that we would feel tested while we just try to make it through each day. Thankfully Lisa Lucas has some ideas and techniques we can use right away to help reframe our thinking and become more responsive than reactive.

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Remote Learning Tips from the Authors of Patterns of Power

Posted by admin on Oct 2, 2020 2:00:32 PM

In the traditional classroom, conversation is a critical piece to your reading and writing instruction. But how do we create conversation in a remote setting while building the sense of interaction and community?  Here are a few tips shared by the authors of Patterns of Power Plus, Jeff Anderson and Whitney La Rocca during a recent webinar on remote learning.

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Five Ways to Support Independent Reading at Home

Posted by admin on Sep 30, 2020 7:22:07 AM

Gravity Goldberg and Renée Houser believe that—equipped with the right tools and information—it is possible to support your independent readers at home in meaningful and practical ways that will get them invested in their reading and keep them reading all summer long.

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