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Celebrate Writing with Stenhouse!

Posted by admin on Oct 20, 2020 2:47:24 PM


It's the National Day on Writing® organized annually by the National Council of Teachers of English(NCTE)! And to help them celebrate we are aiming the spotlight on these wonderful titles that are packed with ideas on ways to enhance your writing instruction. Take a look.

Rethink the Traditional Writing Assignment with Writing, Redefined

Writing, Redefined by Shawna Coppola gives teachers the power to change what “counts” as writing in schools and classrooms by opening the doorway to students who may not consider themselves to be writers, but should and can. Shawna offers alternative and engaging writing assignments that are visual, aural, and multimodal that will involve all students. By allowing ourselves and our students to redefine writing, we redefine what it means to be a writer.

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Use Spark! to Ignite a Passion for Writing in Your Students

The act of writing doesn't just convey our thinking; it shapes our thinking. In Paula Bourque's Spark! Quick Writes to Kindle Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms, you'll learn how to use daily Quick Writes to foster writing outside of the writing workshop to increase volume and stimulate thinking. By developing a habit of daily Quick Writes, students will benefit beyond the targeted skills and grades that measure the success of writing instruction.

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Give Adolescent Students Something Worth Writing About

Worth Writing About by Jake Wizner addresses the most common challenges teachers face when teaching memoir writing: How do you help students who say that nothing interesting has happened in their lives? How do you help students balance what is meaningful with what is too personal to share? Jake believes that a well-designed memoir unit not only aligns with the Common Core State Standards but also forges community in the classroom, encourages kids to read nonfiction, and works wonders with students who struggle with their writing—or with their lives.

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59 Reasons for Writing Teachers to Practice Writing 

In order to teach writing effectively, teachers must be writers themselves. But it may be difficult to fit a writing routine into a bust teacher's schedule. In 59 Reasons to Write, Kate Messner makes it easy with mini-lessons, writing prompts, and bursts of inspiration designed to get you writing every day, whether on your own or as part of a group. This book is for anyone who has always wanted to write but never managed to get into the habit. Daily warm-ups will help you flex your writing muscles and energize your teaching. 

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Support Both Emergent and Fluent Writers with Interactive Writing Across Grades

Interactive writing harnesses the natural interactions teachers have with their students as they compose a writing piece. It allows for real-time differentiation and tailored scaffolding. Interactive writing fits within any writing curriculum and can be adapted to your classroom’s technology levels. Interactive Writing Across Grades  by Kate Roth and Joan Dabrowski is your how-to guide to unpacking this powerful method step-by-step—and grade by grade. Use this practical book to discover where and how interactive writing fits within your literacy framework, regardless of the grade you teach.

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