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Do your students identify as readers?

Posted by admin on Aug 28, 2020 10:06:22 AM

Independent reading time can sometimes be viewed as an opportunity to step back and let students simply find a cozy nook to quietly read on their own, but—as this research paper from Laura Robb, Gravity Goldberg, and Renée Houser will show—independent reading is a critical instructional component to any reading curriculum.

Independent reading at school increases students' reading skill and expertise and at the same time develops their personal reading lives and transforms them into lifelong readers and learners.

Through their research, Laura, along with Gravity and Renée, authors of the Teacher’s Toolkit for Independent Reading, show us how teachers can gain valuable insights into their individual students’ interests, strengths, and challenges when they plan and prepare for thoughtful one-on-one reading conferences—insights that can be more difficult to attain during small- or whole-group instruction.

Read the research that supports the power of independent reading.

In this white paper, the authors show us what their research found by inviting us into a classroom of students who are at a crossroads of whether or not they will identify as readers, and we explore the three common challenges to supporting students who can and want to read while unpacking the true power of independent reading.



The all-in-one system for one-on-one success

Download the sampler to get an in-depth look at the Teacher’s Toolkit for Independent Reading, Grades 3–5 by Gravity Goldberg and Renee Houser.