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#OpenMiddle Math Twitter Chat with Robert Kaplinsky

Posted by admin on Nov 6, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Next Tuesday night, 11/12 at 9:00 p.m. ET we will be having our November #StenhouseMath Twitter Chat with Robert Kaplinsky, author of the new book, Open Middle Math: Problems That Unlock Student Thinking. We wanted to share the questions ahead of the chat to give people some time to think about them. Whether you use Open Middle problems in your class already, or you’ve heard of them but not sure how to use them, or you’ve never heard of them but are looking for ways to get your secondary students engaged—this chat is for you.



  1. How can students correctly answer questions on standardized tests, yet not fully understand what they had learned?
  2. Take a few minutes to solve Problems A and B. Problem B is an #OpenMiddle problem, which means there are multiple approaches you might take to it, and it might take a few attempts. Tweet your thoughts or share a pic of your work.
    Question 2 Graphic
  3. Now that you’ve played with the math yourself, what student misconceptions do you think might come out when using a problem like Problem B that you may not notice if you only use problems like Problem A?
  4. How could an Open Middle problem like this one replace a whole worksheet of traditional dividing fraction problems?

    Question 4 graphic
  5. How might using an Open Middle Worksheet like this one help students persevere when problem solving and develop a growth mindset?
  6. Why is it important to use problems that have open middles, where students can use multiple strategies to solve them?
  7. If you’ve used Open Middle problems before, what would you say to people who were considering trying them? If you haven’t, check out the hashtag #WhyOpenMiddle, and share a tweet that resonates with you.

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